LT 1.1 Lateral thinking

LT 1.1 Lateral thinking

«Look at the following and guess what they are communicating. Just for fun, see if you can make one or more of your own.»

I believe this picture is communicating a spinning bottle. My mind also went straight to «drunk» because of the word «bottle» and the particular font in the back that looks like the room is spinning.

This picture was a bit more difficult to understand since I first just read it without typos as «emotions», then I realized the letters where mixed and they probably are communicating «mixed emotions».

I immediately thought «breakfast» when I saw this one, even though this whole task is about creative thinking so its probably more than one right answer.

I struggled a bit with this one but it have to be «an inside job» since the «an» is literaly inside the «job»…

(Under)cover cop!

I think this one was very clever because its so simple but yet it took such a long time to understand, at least for me! Its saying «seven seas»

This one I didn’t understand at all, I thought «backwards pets» «go go pets» (which doesn’t make any sense). I tried for a long time but I had to throw in the towel and ask my boyfriend for help. Apparently its supposed to be «to steps forward and one step back.

I stared at this picture for the longest time and couldnt understand a thing because I got a 2- in math and that was because the teacher was nice cause I should have failed… I understand you have to do some kind of algebra to solve this and my brain is incapable of doing that. My only answer here is simply that is a riddle.

Cereal killers! I thought they were supposed to be doughnuts at first.

This is a very literal illustartion of sleeping pills.

And this is of course window-shopping!

Here is my attempt:

Its meant to be an illustration for the saying «Where there is will there’s a way»


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