«You must design packaging for a lightbulb. The packaging must be different from what is out there in the market. Apply each one of the SCAMPER techniques and do a write‑up on your findings. Then choose the option you think would work best and sketch what the packaging would look like.«

Substitute: I chose to substitute the regular cardboard/plastic box with a solid wooden box, it could also be made with stone but I choose tree for now.

Combine: The lightbulb package is combined with a lamp foot and power cord.

Adapt: I adapted the idea of the regular cardboard or plastic packaging and adapted it into a whole lamp/ interior piece.

Modify or magnify: At first my only idea was to make the wooden box as the packaging and I wasn’t thinking about making the box as the base/foot. I felt like I needed something more useful so I modified it into the end result.

Put to other uses: Used as a lamp foot, or even just a box for storage. You can turn it upside down so the screw/hole for the lightbulb doesn’t show.

Eliminate something: I eliminated unnecessary waste as everything has a purpose except for the label.

Reverse or rearrange it: At first it looks like a regular box made out of tree and then you can rearrange the pieces and build your own ready to use lamp.

I feel like a lot of the SCAMPER elements kind of melts into each other, at least with what I chose to do with this task.

Here is my moodboard:

Of course the packaging has a label on it that contains information about the lightbulb, but this label is very easy to peel off if you’re using it as a lamp foot.

The box has a sliding door, and inside you can find the bulb and a power cord.

This is some of the first quick sketches I made, I ended up going with a version of the last one in the picture.

A bit more refined sketches…

And my final product, the top illustration is how the packaging would look in stores, and the bottom one is how it would look when you use it as a lamp base and have peeled off the label.


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