LT 3.3 Designing a film festival poster

LT 3.3 Designing a film festival poster

«Design a poster for a film festival. You can decide on the name and remember to include the date and the venue. Focus on strong and expressive typography. You are allowed to add visuals. Use an A3 format. Expand your design to include a pamphlet that outlines dates and further details of the festival. Remember this design must be consistent with your poster design. The pamphlet can be any size or format. Have a look online for inspiration.»

I chose to work with a simple color scheme consisting of red, white and black. The fonts I used is Futura and DIN alternate bold. I wanted to make a poster with simple but eye catching design. I let the typography stand out and made a simple illustration of a film roll in the background. It looks easy but I used so much time on the film roll because I find illustrator a bit difficult to work with.


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