LT 5.1 Form and space

LT 5.1 Form and space

  • «Rearrange shapes cut out of paper and find the point at which the figure disappears into the ground.
    • Cut out a series of shapes from black paper – squares, rectangles, circles and random shapes – in various sizes, from small to large.
    • Working with a square piece of white paper, place shapes of different sizes into the white space; place them on the white one at a time and move them around.
    • Try to find the point where the distinction between figure and ground becomes unclear. Does it depend on which shape dominates the space: black or white? Is it about the position of the shape within the space? Think about how important figure-ground relationships are within composition and design.
  • Write down your findings, and remember to take pictures of your progress. Submit these pictures and your write-up on your WordPress blog.«

I got some black cardboard and started cutting out shapes in different sizes. I began with just squares, triangles, circles and then I added some organic «swirly» shapes.

I started putting a few shapes in the middle of the white square but felt like I needed more black on the white paper to make the figure disappear into the ground. I added some more, but still leaving a white border.

I felt like the white border around the shapes was the reason that it didn’t work so I tried putting all the black cut-outs close to the edge of the white paper, and that made the figure and ground more hard to tell a part:

I experimented with using only one shape, in this case triangles as they also make the white ground form triangles as well:

Then I tried with a spiral, and I felt like this worked with making the figure disappear into the ground as well, it probably would have worked better if I glued it since the spiral made a shadow on the white ground:

To sum it up I think the attempt with just triangles worked the best. I feel like it depended on the shape I used the most, since it makes the white ground a recognisable shape as well, where as on the other attempts the white ground didn’t have any shape, and it became very clear what was figure and what was ground.


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