LT 1.1 Website experience

LT 1.1 Website experience

Question 1

Think about your personal experience as a web user and answer the following questions:

  • If you search for a particular company and you cannot find a website for them, how does this shape your opinion of the company?
  • If the website of a company or business is outdated, will it be a deciding factor of whether you will support the business?
  • What elements on a website will help you trust a business or company?
  • How do you feel when you come to an error page on a website? How does it influence your opinion of the company or entity to which the website belongs?
  • If you struggle to find something on a website or don’t understand how to navigate where you want to be, will you try to contact them personally to find what you are looking for? Or will you close the window and browse to their competition?
  • If you cannot find a physical address or contact details on a website, will this influence your overall opinion of the business or company?
  • How long will you wait for a website to load before you give up and move on to the next one?
  • If a website has broken image links or buttons that doesn’t work, will this influence the credibility of the company or business?
  • When browsing the internet on your mobile phone, how do you feel about a website if the text is too small to read or the buttons are hard to click? Will you try to visit the website from your computer, or will you lose interest?
  • Name one thing that will make you go back to a website and one thing that will cause you to close a website window?

Ask the same questions to at least two other people.

Compare all the answers you have written down and make a list of at least five things that you think will make a website successful and five things that will create a negative experience.

Things that will make website successful:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast loading time
  • Modern and up to date website
  • All sites and links works as they should
  • Works good on different screen sizes, it should contain the same information and design etc on both computer screens and smartphones

Things that will create a negative experience:

  • Bad design
  • Broken links or error messages when you visit the site
  • Difficult to navigate the different sites and find what you’re looking for
  • Distracting elements like ads and pop ups
  • Text that’s hard to read against the background

Question 2

Take a screenshot of one website that you think is good, write down at least three elements that impressed you.

Now take a screenshot of a website that frustrates you. Write down at least three things that are causing a negative experience.

This website is for a Scandinavian clothing brand. I really like this website because its very modern, easy to navigate with the menu on the top, big and good quality images, and just looks very well organized in general. I also like the fonts, and that they stick to the same fonts everywhere, except from the logo. This website also has a nice effect where the Acne Studios logo follows the screen while you scroll.

This is a website for a piercing studio in Oslo. Its not exactly the worst website I have seen but it contains so many elements that doesn’t fit together in my opinion and some weird design choices. All of the buttons have different designs, its looking a bit messy with all of the different text and picture elements, and the pop-up menus doesn’t fit. Some of the images is pretty low quality, and there is a lot of different fonts going on throughout the website.


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