LT 2.1 Defining user interface design

LT 2.1 Defining user interface design

Have a look at this website.

Analyse the product and think about it critically. What is problematic about it? How would you change it from a visual perspective (look and feel) to a human perspective (needs and wants)?

Your changes might be as small as a colour change or more extensive, like decreasing the number of animations present.

Draw up a list and note your findings and solutions.

Almost every element is problematic on this website, but since its literally called «The worlds worst website ever» I guess that’s the point. There is so many weird things happening here that I don’t really know where to start. Here is some things I would do to make it better:

  • Choose a few colors that go well together, one for the background (primary color), one secondary color and one accent color.
  • Remove all the bad quality pictures
  • Change all of the fonts for better looking and more readable ones.
  • Make the size of the website fit more to the frame. Right now you can scroll in every direction and it never stops, and doesn’t make any sense.
  • Remove all the gifs and blinking elements as they are very distracting
  • Remove the ads, or at least place them better.

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