LT 2.3 Information architecture

LT 2.3 Information architecture

For this lesson task, take a look at this website.

Step 1
Go through the content on the website and conduct a content audit. List all the information and elements included in the website on a spreadsheet (like Google Sheets).

Step 2
Now, plan the information architecture using the card sorting technique. You can conduct a simple card sorting session using pieces of paper (with the help of friends or family), or you can use an online tool like Miro. When you’re done with the card sort, analyse your results.

Step 3
Finally, take what you have learned and redesign the homepage along with the website’s primary navigation. Use the design software of your choice to create a flat design; it doesn’t have to be interactive. If you would like, you can also draw a simple diagram of the main steps you think the user will take (the user flow).

Content audit:

I chose to do the card sorting on optimal Unfortunately I only had time to get two candidates to take the survey, but I learned a lot anyways.

The answers were pretty similar, except one of them made 3 categories and the other one made 4. They also named the categories a bit different.

Redesigned webpage:


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