LT 5.2 Facelift the image

LT 5.2 Facelift the image

Part 1

You’ve been tasked to update the Click and Collect section of the Joe’s and Bros website. Use the prototype software of your choice to mock up one idea.

Part 2

Based on the website examples we have seen today, make a list of which other changes you would make to the Joe’s and Bros website?

Part 1:

I used Adobe XD to update the page. I decided to collect most of the information on one page rather than multiple pages as in the original website, and used links to navigate trough the different products. The user can choose to scroll down and see every meal, or use the navigation to skip trough them.

Part 2:

If I could make more changes to the whole website the first thing I would do is to redesign the header on the first page. Its very messy, unorganised and hard to navigate.

It also took way too long before I actually understood what the website was for and what they were trying to sell. I had to scroll around on the website before I understood that Joes and Broes was a cafe/ restaurant. Therefore I would add a title or some text under the header to clarify this, or even a appropriate header image.


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