LT 5.4 Create a brand archetype

LT 5.4 Create a brand archetype

You have been asked to design the brand and website for an eco-friendly zero-waste soap brand called: eKo. Think about which brand archetype you would choose and choose one or more website design trends that would work well for their website. Then, bring your ideas together by creating a mood board first. 

Proceed to create a high-fidelity prototype of the landing page, using Adobe XD or Figma. 

I chose to go for the Traditionalist archetype as it fits with the brand well because the archetype values nature, freedom and individuality, and are idealistic. Also very likeable and non threatening, all of these things represents with eKo.

I feel like I kept the design minimalistic and clean, to fit the archetype but still interesting to look at. I chose a cream coloured background, black text and a forest green accent color. I used high quality pictures I sourced on AdobeStock, this is what I feel like the soaps looked like after reading the brief.

Here is a screenshot of the prototype I made, and the link is posted below:


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