LT 6.1 Understanding basics

LT 6.1 Understanding basics

Part 1

Choose one template that you like from the above lists and demo it. Sketch out the structure of the website template as a low fidelity wireframe to understand the different sections or building blocks of the template. 

Take screenshots of the template and publish this with the wireframe sketches to your blog.

Part 2

An individual hosting service will be needed throughout the rest of your studies, and this Lesson Task is therefore mandatory. We recommend, but you are free to choose any hosting service.

If you choose, the monthly fee is low. The beginner plan is sufficient, and there are step-by-step guides showing you how to set up an account, create e-mail addresses, connect via FTP etc.

Consider your domain name very carefully. This cannot be altered. You can of course sign up for other domain names and delete the one you have, but it has unnecessary cost implications and transferring the website and domain at a later stage involves effort. Also note that it can take 24 hours for the hosting provider to complete the registration.

After completing the domain registration, you can write a short paragraph about the process, the hosting package you chose, and how you went about choosing a domain name. You can include screenshots of the process to illustrate it more graphically

Part 1

I went to SquareSpace and found a template that I really enjoyed looking at, called Meriden.

Then I opened up Adobe XD and made a low fidelity sketch of the template:

Part 2

Part two of this learning assignment was to choose one of the plans from and buy your own domain. I went for the «Enthusiast» plan instead of «Beginner» because then you get five websites instead of one, and wordpress is included. You also get a lot more storage, which might come in handy.

I chose «» as my domain name. I wanted something simple and «open to interpretation» since I am not 100% sure what I am gonna use the websites for yet, apart from the next Course Assignment.


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