LT 7.4 Creating email newsletter

LT 7.4 Creating email newsletter

For this task, you will be creating your own email newsletter using MailChimp. Once you’ve completed the newsletter design, you’ll be sending a test email to a classmate or friend.

Part 1

Take your time as you populate the template with meaningful images and content. For this task you can create an email for any brand you like, it can even be your own invention.

Here are a few business ideas:

  • A florist
  • A pet accessories shop
  • A tree nursery
  • A shoe or clothing shop
  • A bakery

Part 2

When your email newsletter is complete, preview it and make the required changes (if any).

Part 3

Finally, send a test email to a classmate or friend. Discuss the email you sent with your classmate or friend. If you used a classmate, you can also discuss the mail they sent to you.

I decided to use Crust and Crumb from the previous LT as the business. I made a very simple newsletter, just to understand how Mailchimp works. This is how it looks on a phone screen:


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