LT 8.3 Page inspections

LT 8.3 Page inspections

Which are your favourite eCommerce sites that you use regularly? Pick one to focus on for this Lesson Task.

Think about the functional design and discuss why each of the following pages are effective:

  • Homepage
  • Category page
  • Product page
  • Cart
  • Checkout

Post your conclusion about the effectiveness of each of the five pages to your WordPress blog and share screenshots to support your writing.

I chose


The homepage has a good header where you can choose between gender and age categories, as well as a search bar, favourites, cart and a customer page you can log into. It has big pictures with links that’s displays the latest trends etc.

Category page:

A dropdown menu becomes visible when you hover over one of the gender/age categories. From there you chose your main catagorie e.g. clothing and then you can chose sub-catagorie like jeans or t-shirts.

Product page:

The product page has big good quality images that displayes there products well. You can choose between showing 2 or 4 products in the frame. You can hover over the products for more images and add it to your cart instantly, instead of having to go to a new page. You can also add the products to your favourites by pressing the heart.


The cart displayed all your chosen products and the price for everything combined. From here you can easily press «Til kasse/Checkout».


To get to the checkout you first have to make a user. This is good for keeping track of all you latest orders and following the shipping etc. The checkout page is where you put in all your information, chose what kind of delivery you want etc. This site offers a lot of different payment methods which is a good thing.


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