LT 8.4 Getting technical

LT 8.4 Getting technical

This lesson task has two questions about the course assignment you are currently working on. Include the answers to this lesson task in your report for the course assignment as part of your research.

  • Consider how API integration can boost the efficiency of the website you are creating for your course assignment. List at least three ways that you can incorporate API integration and explain why you’ve chosen them. Also expand on how you went about integrating them, for example did you use a plugin, widget, or outside source?
  • When your website is published, inspect the load time of your site. You can do this by using a developer tool like Google PageSpeed Insights or Web Page Test. Write down how long it takes to load the full page initially. Are there any elements that you can identify that is slowing down the load time of the page? If so, try to optimize at least one file. Redo the load time and write about the success you have achieved in improving the load time.

Post your answers and changes to your website to your WordPress blog and share screenshots where possible to better illustrate what you have learned

Will answer this LT when the website is published.


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