LT 1.3 Semantic HTML

LT 1.3 Semantic HTML

The task

For this lesson task, you’ll be working on the same HTML document you created in the previous lesson task, «Creating an HTML structure».

Part 1

The following elements should now be added to the HTML document:

  • <meta> element with some metadata – charset, description, keywords, author, viewport – note: must sit within the <head> element.
  • Create a <ul> (unordered list) with <li> elements that will later form the navigation menu. (You are not required to style or link anything at this point, just list the menu items that will represent the links to the different pages of the website later). Think carefully about where you should place this list.
  • Create at least two sections in the content using either <section><article> or <aside> elements that will hold the main content.
  • Create at least one <h1> element, and one <h2> element. Note how the <h1> and <h2> elements render as different sizes, and as bold text.
  • Create at least four <p> elements.

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