LT 1.4 HTML links and images

LT 1.4 HTML links and images

The task

For this lesson task, you will continue to work on the web project to promote Norwegian salmon. You can use the same HTML document you’ve been working on in the previous two lesson tasks as a starting point. 

Part 1

Create the other HTML pages that you have planned for the webpage. (This should include all the pages that are on your <ul>). Take note of where you are saving these files in your file structure. 

Using the href=”” attribute and relative file paths, create links to each of the pages from the <ul> in the index.html document. 

Populate each of the new HTML files with the same <ul> for navigation and at least a <h1> header to state the title of the page.

Part 2

In your index.html document, add one image to one of the sections in the page using a relative file path. Note that you need to take special care of where you put the image in the folder structure and how you link the href. Add text for the alt attribute. This should describe the image in some way if it’s not displayed.

You can experiment by adding a width or height attribute to make the image fit inside the browser display.

Add another image. Observe how the images are placed on the HTML page. Add a <br> element between the images to see how the layout changes. Add an <hr> element to insert a line break between the images. Finally, add a <p> element between the images. 

Part 3

Select the root folder containing your HTML and the ‘Images’ folder and upload it to your host using an FTP client. Once uploaded, check if the remote files work in your browser. 

Check your page links in the live browser to see if it works properly. Check if the images display. If not, check your links and file locations. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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