LT 1.1 The creative process: step 1

LT 1.1 The creative process: step 1

Write a short, informal paragraph to describe the type of graphic designer you want to be. It can have as many words as you feel fit and can be in any format you wish: draw a picture, add a photo, or make a mind map. Let your personality shape the delivery. 

The questions below may kickstart the process:

  • What kind of job do you want to wake up to every day? What do you want to do daily?
  • Which type of clients do you want to work with?
  • After pinning down your interests and vision of yourself as a professional, in which areas do you think you need more growth and experience?
  • What are your next steps to fulfil who you want to be as a graphic designer?

If you are unsure, think of the different courses you’ve done so far in your studies and the projects you enjoyed most – where did you naturally flourish, and which projects did you unexpectedly shine in?

My vision is to hopefully get a job as a graphic designer in a company or design studio where I can learn more and evolve further into the type of designer I want to be, and then when I am ready – go solo or create a small team of different designers and work with branding and web design, as those are my favourite projects. My next steps to fulfil this is to complete my studies, practice practice practise and build a portfolio!


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