LT 1.1 The history of motion design

LT 1.1 The history of motion design

You’ve just acquired a time machine! To which era of motion history would you travel to get involved in? Write a 250-word document outlining your favourite era and include the following:

  • What year would you go back to?
  • Who would you be an understudy to?
  • Why is this part of motion history your favourite?
  • How do you think this part of history has influenced the modern day world?

Include pictures, videos and any other media to help motivate your answers.

If I could go back in time to another era of motion history I would go back to the 1870s. I would like to be an understudy to Eadweard Muybridge. This era of motion design is so interesting because it was a huge leap forward in motion design. This is where motion design started so it definitely had a huge influence on the modern day motion design.


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