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LT 1.4 HTML links and images

The task For this lesson task, you will continue to work on the web project to promote Norwegian salmon. You can use the same HTML document you’ve been working on in the previous two lesson tasks as a starting point.  Part 1 Create the other HTML pages that you have planned for the webpage. (This should include all the pages that are on your <ul>)….Fortsett lesing »

LT 1.3 Semantic HTML

The task For this lesson task, you’ll be working on the same HTML document you created in the previous lesson task, «Creating an HTML structure». Part 1 The following elements should now be added to the HTML document: <meta> element with some metadata – charset, description, keywords, author, viewport – note: must sit within the <head>…Fortsett lesing »

LT 1.2 HTML basics

The task For this lesson task, you need to create a basic HTML structure. Part 1 In Adobe Dreamweaver, open up the index.html file you created in the previous lesson task. If you do not have one, then create a new document now. Make sure the HTML file is saved as index.html in the folder…Fortsett lesing »

LT 1.1 HTML basics – Hosting and file management

The task The Norwegian Seafood Council wants to promote the health benefits of Norwegian salmon to the local and international market. You need to create an informative website for this purpose. (This is a fictitious client and project). Part 1 You need to come up with a list of at least five domain names the client could purchase. Use…Fortsett lesing »

LT 2.1 Illustration, infographic and brochure

Practical assignment (observation and analysis) Use the logo you created in Week 1 and design a brochure for your product. You may use any format you like, just make sure that the format is in line with and adds to your logo design. Your brochure must contain an illustration. This could be the infographic alone,…Fortsett lesing »

LT 1.1 Create a logo

Develop a name for a dog food product. Design a logo for this product, using full colour. The logo must contain a main visual and typography. (Use the “People Saving Pets” logo as a guide – this does not mean your design should be the same, it is simply an example.) Follow each of the…Fortsett lesing »

LT 9.2 Create a campaign

Billabong has decided to create a campaign especially for a new item of clothing, a snow jacket like this one. Potential customers who see the product on Instagram, can click through to the landing page to learn more about it. Your task is to design a high-fidelity long-form landing page for this product (using Figma or…Fortsett lesing »

LT 9.1 Create a social media visual story

You’ve been asked to design a campaign to advertise a specific product: keto bars. The purpose of the campaign is to get Instagram followers to click on the link on the Instagram account, view a specially designed product page and purchase the product. You’ve been tasked with designing 3 graphics for Instagram posts. Use your creativity…Fortsett lesing »

LT 8.4 Getting technical

This lesson task has two questions about the course assignment you are currently working on. Include the answers to this lesson task in your report for the course assignment as part of your research. Consider how API integration can boost the efficiency of the website you are creating for your course assignment. List at least…Fortsett lesing »

LT 8.3 Page inspections

Which are your favourite eCommerce sites that you use regularly? Pick one to focus on for this Lesson Task. Think about the functional design and discuss why each of the following pages are effective: Homepage Category page Product page Cart Checkout Post your conclusion about the effectiveness of each of the five pages to your WordPress…Fortsett lesing »


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