LT 1.2 Moodle map

LT 1.2 Moodle map

Choose a metaphor/concept/analogy that illustrates how you see Moodle with all its different elements and areas. Use a pencil and paper to draw this. Make an effort with this assignment and dare to be creative. Try to steer away from the obvious i.e. a pirate’s map or physical campus.

The major task of the week tasks was to create a «moodle map». We were told to use a metaphor, concept or analogy to illustrate how we see and understand moodle as our study-platform. The first thing that came to mind was of course the most literal interpretation to draw it as a physical campus with different classrooms and hallways, but that wouldn’t exactly have been the most creative solution to this task. Then I started thinking about metaphors and analogies and the tree of knowledge came to mind. I chose to use that as my inspiration since moodle is currently our most important place of learning and information, or our tree of knowledge if you will. When you search the web for illustrations of the tree of knowledge its common to see a book with a tree sticking up of it, and I chose to do a similar thing except I drew a macbook instead of a regular book since that’s our main tool, and you need to have a computer to use moodle. The trunk of the tree is the moodle-dashboard itself with many branches sticking out of it. The branches being all of the different elements and areas you can explore at the platform. I have to say I didn’t understand much of moodle the first day and found it very hard to use but I´m looking at it as a tree I have to climb and conquer and I´m currently about half way up there!  


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