Task 2.1 Understanding identity

Task 2.1 Understanding identity

«1. Look at the following logos and explain in your own words what you consider their identity to be (do this for each one).«

Instagram: The logo contains a polaroid camera with a colourful background. Its a much more modern and simplified version of their old logo which also had a polaroid camera. I think the logo is very on point as it makes the user immediately understand that this is an app for photographs. Instagram is probably the most used social media app out there and almost everyone, from small children to grandmas recognise this logo.

Mercedes: This logo is giving luxury, class and expensive vibes, and is very recognisable as well. The design is very simple and it looks pretty much the same as it did in the beginning.

Mastercard: For me, this logo is affiliated with safety and trustworthiness. It contains a wordmark as well as the two circles. Im not sure if I would think of «mastercard» if the word mark wasn’t there but the logo works well.

«2. Let’s work backwards! Look at Louis Vuitton bags, in particular the Speedy 30 Monogram. By doing your own research, investigate the history of the product. Give an outline, in your own words, of what you consider the following to be:

  • Describe the Louis Vuitton brand identity – exactly as you see it.
  • What do you think the brand position is currently?
  • What do you think the strategy for the Speedy 30 Monogram bag was?
  • What research do you think the company did before they created this bag?«

The Speedy 30 monogram was the first handbag made by Louis Vuitton, as the brand mainly made suitcases and travelbags in the beginning. It as a smaller version of their Keepall bag and came to be because Audrey Hepburn wanted a bag that she could have for everyday use. I see Louis Vuitton as one of the most influential, highest ranked and most respected luxury brands out there, you know you get a good quality everlasting piece when you buy from them.

Their current brand position is still one of the most popular high-end brands, like Dior, Gucci and Chanel etc, but due to the brands popularity its not just the richest of the richest people that wears it, even people with little income forces themselves to afford an LV bag.

I think the strategy for the Speedy 30 Monogram bag was to expand their product line. They went from only selling travelwear and suitcases to handbags which is something that «every» woman wears all the time. This must have increased their sales a lot.

Louis Vuittons plan might have been to only sell suitcases and «weekensbags» but when big stars like Audrey Hepburn asked him to make smaller handbags and came up with the Speedy it most likely increased their sales so much that they kept making different sizes and styles. The research leading up to this was probably to watch other designers and ask their customers what else they could offer to them.

«3.Now take the same product as in question two and explain, in your own words, how the logo fits in with the brand positioning.»

The logo is a monogram consisting of two letters, L and V that’s placed on top of each other. Its very recognisable and simple but looks luxurious. The logo is used on almost all of their bags as a monogram canvas and that’s probably why its so well known.


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