LT 3.1 Create a logo

LT 3.1 Create a logo

«Look at the mood board you created in the previous lesson task and use it for inspiration to create a logo for the fitness coaching brand. 

You are free to choose whether you want to add a tag line or not.»

When I created the moodboard I didn’t add much visual identity like fonts or colors, so I was pretty clueless about how this logo should look like design-wise. To start the process I had to create a suitable name for the Fitness coaching brand, and I ended up with Femme Fitness. I wanted to emphasis that this is an all girl gym.

Then I made some quick sketches on paper.

I ended up with a version of the first sketch, and also one similar with the text placed differently. I will post pictures of both, but the last one is the final logo as I think it worked best. I used the font Shree Devanagari 714.


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