LT 1.2 Explore website strategies

LT 1.2 Explore website strategies

Surf the web and pick three websites to work from:

  • A non-profit organisation (for example a charity that cares for the homeless)
  • A retailer (for example a clothes or flower shop)
  • A service provider (for example a hairdresser, accountant or builder)

Answer the following questions for each of the three websites:

  • What do you think the main goal of the website is?
  • What elements in the design are helping the users meet the website’s goals? (Look at the calls-to-action, navigation, and other design elements.)
  • Who is the main target audience? Name at least five characteristics that define this group of people.
  • How was the design used to attract this group of people? Discuss things like colour, font choices, photography or images, style and layout.
  • How did you perceive this brand and its overall brand image? Was it serious and conservative or light-hearted and vibrant? Use your experience on the website plus any previous interactions you’ve had with the brand to motivate your answer.

Post your answers and a working link to each of the three websites to your WordPress blog. You can include screenshots to explain your answers.

Non-profit organisation

I chose the website for Frelsesarmeen/ The Salvation army.

I think the main goal of the website is to tell people what Frelsesarmeen is, what they do and how they can help. Also to make it easy for people to make donations.

The website is easy to navigate, there is an «About us» text on the main page so the viewer can easily read what the website is about, and also the «Gi støtte» (Donate) button is very visible. The big picture on the front also help give the impression that they want to help people.

The main target audience is people who want to contribute with helping people in need, christian people as Frelsesarmeen is a religious organization, kids and young adults since they also have a lot of activities like choirs, scouting etc. They are probably most known for helping the homeless, but I think this website is mostly for the people who wants to contribute and make donations.

The design of the website is very simple, with a white background, and some beige coloured blocks under some of the text. The text is big, bold and easy to read. The use of pictures is good, as they are high quality and gives a good impression of what they do.

I perceive Frelsesarmeen as a serious organisation that does a lot of good work, and that’s the impression I have when looking at the website as well.


I chose the multi-brand store Moniker as my retail website.

The main goal of this website is to make people spend money.

The website is very colourful and bright but still simple and well organised, right now there is a huge button in the main page that tells the viewers about the sale, and that’s of course very tempting.

The main target audience is girls and women from the ages 20-45 I would say, and as they mostly sell very expensive and high-end clothing the main target audience usually have mid to high income. They love fashion and luxury goods. Moniker also sell things for the home so people who are interested in interior and things like that is also a part of the target audience. They also have a mens and sports section.

The design of the website is very modern and playful, with great images showcasing their inventory and even editorials for the fashion interested.

I perceive this brand as very vibrant and playful but also good quality and expensive, modern and clean.

Service provider

Gevir is a hair saloon with three different locations in Oslo.

The main goal of the website is to attract customers and have them make appointments at their saloon.

The site is easy to navigate, you can easily see where they are located, what treatments they offer and the prices. On the other hand, the website does not make it easy for the clients to book appointments, as you have to go to their contact site and call them to make an appointment. They should have a button on the main page for customers to book online.

The main target audience here is women from ages 18-50 who wants a good quality haircut or styling. The prices are pretty expensive so the target audience should have mid to high income. They also have a lot of influencers and celebrity customers. Their website is also aimed at hairdressers as they have a huge «Work with us» button on the bottom main page.

I perceive this brand as a high quality and serious saloon that I would have no problem trusting with my own hair. They also seem to take the safety of their clients serious in these pandemic times.


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